Can You Have Herbal Tea While Breastfeeding?

can you have herbal tea while breastfeeding

Herbal tea is a popular choice among new mothers. While herbal remedies may claim to stimulate milk production and alleviate symptoms of colic, there is limited scientific support for such claims and some herbs could even be harmful for breastfeeding women and infants.

Many herbal products such as teas and essential oils fall under the category of complementary and alternative medicines (CAM). Since they do not go through rigorous testing like prescription drugs, and lack standard safety data for use by breastfeeding women and their infants, herbal products may not always be safe. Due to this limited knowledge about use, breastfeeding mothers must collaborate closely with healthcare providers in order to use herbal products safely and appropriately.

Fennel and fenugreek are well-known to help increase breast milk supply; however, other herbs may reduce production or have other unfavorable side effects for mother and baby, thus making their consumption during breastfeeding harmful to both. As such, it would be wiser to limit or avoid these herbs altogether for best results.

Herbal teas are generally considered safe for breastfeeding mothers in moderation; however, some varieties contain ingredients which could trigger allergies in some individuals; those with allergies should take extra precautions when drinking these beverages to prevent an adverse reaction.

Some herbal teas may also contain caffeine, which should not be consumed during pregnancy or breastfeeding as it can pass through the placenta and affect an unborn fetus. Pregnant and nursing women should limit their caffeine consumption to no more than two cups daily.

However, there are a few exceptions to this rule; certain herbal teas made from hibiscus, fennel, rooibos, vervain raspberry fenugreek and chamomile may be safe for breastfeeding mothers to drink in moderation.

Shatavari root is another beneficial herb for breastfeeding mothers. A long-time staple for women’s health, it may help increase milk supply while acting as an adaptogen – providing relief for physical and emotional stress – making it especially helpful in dealing with postpartum depression or any other post-pregnancy related concerns.

Other herbal teas suited for breastfeeding mothers include fennel, fenugreek, ginger and lemon balm. Fennel and fenugreek may help treat low milk supply or colic issues while ginger and lemon balm can provide comfort from aches and pains.