Is Online Gambling Legal in Georgia?

Georgia has historically been one of the least friendly gambling states in America, permitting only lottery betting and charity bingo games as legal forms of gambling within its borders – though online sportsbooks allowing bettors to access daily fantasy sports are an exception. But legislators have begun openly discussing legalizing more forms of gambling within Georgia’s borders.

Senator Bill Pascrell introduced a bill which is the first in many years that does not necessitate amending Georgia’s constitution to legalize sports betting, signaling to lawmakers in Georgia their willingness to bring Georgia into line with other states that have legalized sports gambling.

The bill will enable sports bettors to place single-game bets at licensed sportsbooks, subject to the same regulations and taxes as casino gambling. Furthermore, it will include safeguards designed to protect player data and require sportsbooks to utilize encryption technology when safeguarding players’ personal information.

Georgia currently only allows social and sweepstakes casinos as an form of online gambling, not real-money casino games. Instead, these casinos allow players to accumulate virtual coins that they can trade for prizes – similar to an exchange. Furthermore, most offer social networking features whereby members can chat with other users while earning points that can later be cashed in for free spins depending on the brand of casino used.

As with any form of gambling, online gambling carries the potential risk of addiction and potential harm. If you or someone close to you is struggling with their gambling habit, there are numerous resources available to them. Gamblers Anonymous holds meetings throughout Georgia as well as providing a national helpline; The National Council on Problem Gambling also has various resources dedicated to helping those dealing with these issues.

Georgia has seen several unsuccessful attempts at legalizing sports betting in the past, such as constitutional amendment and legislative proposals. SB 57 represents one such attempt and could provide the framework necessary for sports betting without necessitating constitutional changes; additionally, this bill has more legislative support than prior proposals did.

While Georgia does not currently offer legal online casinos, residents can visit offshore gaming websites that provide casino-style games like poker and slot machines. To play at these websites legally in Georgia or your area of legal gambling age (typically 18+) must possess either a credit card or bank account to deposit funds with. In some instances they even accept bitcoin deposits – this option being particularly appealing for those without access to traditional brick-and-mortar casinos as penalties can be severe; as a result it’s best to utilize an established offshore gaming site!