Can Mormons Drink Herbal Tea?

Mormonism prohibits many types of food and drinks that could potentially harm members, as outlined by Joseph Smith in his revelation known as The Word of Wisdom from February 27, 1833. This revelation provides a list of items to avoid because they harm health or defile temples – including coffee and tea. Many individuals remain confused by its meaning in contemporary society.

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding Mormonism is that its Word of Wisdom only refers to coffee and tea consumption. That is far from accurate – its revelation specifically mentions “hot drinks”, meaning coffee and tea; other hot beverages including herbal tea are clearly excluded from that definition. Furthermore, Mormons should abstain from alcohol consumption as well as marijuana usage – though that does not have to be part of being part of their faith; each member can decide for themselves how strictly they want to follow these guidelines.

Are Mormons allowed to drink herbal tea? Unfortunately, the answer to that question can be more nuanced than you might expect; it all depends on which variety and whether or not it contains caffeine. As with anything, Church regulations do not recommend the consumption of stimulants such as caffeine in any quantity; however yerba mate, another popular herbal beverage without caffeine content, remains acceptable to members.

Church officials have published a page on their website detailing all types of tea that are permissible, with herbal being specifically mentioned as being acceptable as it doesn’t come from Camellia sinensis plants – used to make green and black tea respectively. Some herbal teas still contain caffeine; it is best to be aware of which varieties you are drinking when selecting your beverage of choice.

Many members of the Church who observe the Word of Wisdom cannot enjoy their favorite boba beverages due to them typically including green or black tea, which is forbidden under its rules. While it may be possible to find one without these ingredients, doing so requires additional searching time and might cost more.

Make iced tea yourself using herbal tea bags without caffeine content to eliminate this search altogether, or purchase one with minimal amounts. When purchasing tea, look for organic varieties with reduced caffeine levels as well as labels to confirm it does not contain caffeine or potentially unhealthy ingredients.