Is it Illegal to Gamble Online Poker?

Online poker has quickly become one of the world’s most beloved gambling games, drawing millions of players every day around the globe. There are hundreds of different sites, each offering its own distinctive poker room; some cater to thousands of players simultaneously while others provide more intimate environments; it’s important that you find one that meets your unique requirements and needs.

Legality of online poker is somewhat of a grey area. While many states do not prohibit real-money online gaming, most do not support or regulate it either. There are a few notable exceptions such as Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania that have legalized sites since 2013. Other states like Michigan and West Virginia have passed legislation and launched their own regulated sites as well.

Though many US citizens might wonder whether gambling online poker is illegal, there are actually very few laws prohibiting it. Common restrictions against gambling include age limitations and money laundering regulations; to circumvent them easily just make sure you use secure methods for depositing and withdrawing money when gaming. Advertising regulations also exist.

Money laundering can be difficult, since the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 makes it illegal to transfer funds into a casino or gambling account for use in gambling activities. There are a few exceptions; therefore it’s wise to be informed before depositing cash with any gaming company; for example if you win more than what’s in your bank account then that amount must be returned back as part of their gaming agreement.

If you are concerned that gambling may land you in jail, check your state’s laws for guidance. Some laws outline gambling specifically while others leave interpretation open – for instance Idaho states that home poker games are unlawful but there is no clear statement regarding online poker games.

Some states, like Washington, prohibit gambling outright while others, such as South Carolina, have wide-ranging laws which make online poker an area of confusion. Recently however, as legal changes such as Federal courts declaring poker to not be considered gambling and Obama-era DOJ changing their opinion on UIGEA has made many believe there is minimal risk involved with online poker gambling.